Healing & Nourishing Self-care has arrived!

Meet Kasamance Touloucouna Beauty & Healing Oil. Prepare to be Delighted!


Skincare + Hair Care Miracle Multi-Tasker

Experience the Touloucouna glow! Scientifically proven to boost collagen and elastin, increase skin turnover for a plump youthful complexion. Reduce fine line and wrinkles for skin that is radiant.

Chronic dry skin is instantly hydrated and supple, results that last 24 hours and improves your skin's condition, tone, and appearance with each application.

Touloucouna oil is a powerful anti-inflammatory used traditionally to treat skin conditions like rosacea, hyper-pigmentation dermititis, excema, cellulite, acne.

Say Bon-Jour to defined elongated curls the pop, smooth blow-outs, and thriving hair! Touloucouna oil is revolutionary for your crown. Heal, nourish, and repair hair and scalp with luxurious touloucouna oil. Instantly increases the volume of hair strands as antiseptic effects treat dry scalp.

Skincare -The Benefits