About Kasamance

Aziza El-Liwaru, Founder

As an entrepreneur and a busy mom of four, I know firsthand how important self-care is for our physical and emotional well-being.

Fragrance and self-care are evocative and deeply personal, and my family's perfume business in California inspired how I curated Kasamance, a beauty brand that's more than just skin deep.

In 2019, I took a leap of faith and founded Kasamance with a mission to make a positive impact and be purpose-driven. I dug deep and gathered the courage to take many first steps to establish Kasamance.

It's inspiring to see how Kasamance enables me to bring Touloucouna oil, that I absolutely love, to everyone — While also making a positive social impact for the women in the villages who make Touloucouna oil possible.

The gift of being able to bring together my passion with a purpose gives me an enormous sense of gratitude.

The tradition of cultivating and processing Touloucouna oil has been performed exclusively by women for millennia. It's heartening to see how Kasamance donates 10% of profits to development projects in Senegal and includes a donation to the villages women fund with every purchase.

At Kasamance, we know that nature and self-care go hand-in-hand. We are mindful about our impact on the environment, and in step with our commitment to women's empowerment is our commitment to ethical eco-conscious practices. Our methodical R&D process ensures that every new product is not only amazing but also eco-conscious and sustainable.