About Kasamance

About the Founder

 As a solopreneur and busy mom of four, Aziza knows firsthand how important self-care is for physical, mental and emotional well-being. "It’s amazing how a little scented lip balm, a couple of drops of oil to massage your cuticles, or a gentle spritz of toner can can lift your mood."

 Aziza discovered Touloucouna oil on a family trip to Senegal. "I was blessed to be able to partner with women on the ground who had been doing this work for generations.”

Kasamance is a beauty brand that's more than just skin deep. Kasamance was founded with mission to bring touloucouna oil to women around the world and to enrich the lives of the women in the Royam de Casa in the Casamance region of Senegal.

 As a Native Californian Aziza grew up surrounded by the beauty of nature. She was employed early in the family perfume business. "I was marked by our eco-friendly business practices, our connection to the community, and the customer experience we provided." Aziza was also marked by the power of fragrance to elevate and evoke emotion. 

"As a child the first fragrance that I remember is the scent of eucalyptus. I was swept away by the spicy and inviting fragrance of the eucalyptus trees that lined our boulevard."

 Aziza is excited by the opportunity to exemplify her diverse story; From fragrance, to wellness, skincare and  haircare -- there is so much more to come!