About Kasamance

Aziza El-Liwaru, Founder Message

For true skincare lovers we know skincare is more than skincare. Kasamance as a brand aims to bring together skincare and the healing power of therapy. 

Skincare routines support mental health by encouraging relaxation, mindfulness, and self love. 

As the daughter of a Psychologist I learned first hand how powerful mindfulness, intention, and motivation are in improving the quality of our lives and outcomes.

I also grew up in the family perfume business. The way customers faces lit up when they found that fragrance, I knew there was more to it than just perfume, fragrance like skincare is evocative and deeply personal.

We want you to experience skin•care•apy (skincare therapy) and reap the abundant benefits of a mindful skincare practice. 

The Awakening

During a trip to Senegal-West Africa, Aziza was surprised to discover a hidden gem. Touloucouna oil, a precious, highly prized, and highly effective beauty and healing oil.

Touloucouna oil was an awakening and the results were undeniable. "I used to have major rosacea flareups weekly and now I can not remember the last time I had one". It was the beginning of the passion project to bring precious touloucouna oil to center stage. 

Aziza had the special skincare product she had been searching for. There was one missing piece that was the motivation. It’s was easy to put the dream of Kasamance for another day. 

In 2019 Aziza lost her Mom to cancer. Suddenly the next day and the next day changed into today. 


Sisterhood of Cultivators

As a black-owned, woman owned brand we value people above profits. We empower our amazing all woman cultivators in rural Senegal to get the most benefit from their labor of love.

The tradition of cultivating and processing touloucouna oil has been performed by exclusively woman for a millennia. Kasamance donates 10% of profits to development projects in Senegal.


Commitment to Sustainability

 At Kasamance we know that nature and self-care go hand-in-hand. We are mindful about our impact on the environment. In step with our commitment to women's empowerment is our commitment to ethical eco-conscious practices.

What that looks like is a methodical R&D process. We look at all aspects of the production process to ensure a new product is not only amazing for you, but also eco-conscious and sustainable. The bulk of our packaging is paper, glass, or fabric. We hope that the mindful consumption journey is one that will become an industry standard for the greater good.