About Kasamance

Fair Trade

We partner with our Sisterhood of Cultivators ensuring they receive direct benefit for their labor of love, the time honored tradition of cultivating and processing touloucouna oil. 10% of profit is dedicated to development projects in Senegal.

Commitment to Circularity

 At Kasamance the natural world and self-care go hand-in-hand. We opt for glass packaging and other sustainable materials, Kasamance's lofty yet achievable aim is to be 100% plastic free, with research and development and consistent auditing of our process, we can reach net zero plastic.


Kasamance is a black-owned brand , it is more important than ever to recognize minority owned enterprises. When minority owned brands thrive we all win!


Meet the Founder

Aziza El-Liwaru founded Kasamance as an eco-conscious brand. "As I was embarking on my own eco-conscious journey, the brand had to reflect that." Aziza also new the pitfalls of chemical laden products from an allergic reaction she experienced after using a  designer skincare product to treat rosacea.


The Journey

Aziza was determined to find organic effective solutions. Aziza looked to time tested oils like  Argan oil from Morocco, Seabuckthorn oil from Eastern Europe, and Neem from the Indian Subcontinent.


The Awakening

During a trip to Senegal-West Africa her husband's country of origin Aziza was surprised to discover a hidden gem. Touloucouna oil, an precious, highly prized, and highly effective beauty and healing oil.

Touloucouna oil was an awakening and the results were undeniable. "I used to have major rosacea flareups weekly and now I can not remember the last time I had one". It was the beginning of a six year passion project to bring precious touloucouna oil and the women who traditionally process touloucouna oil to center stage. 

To quote a review of touloucouna oil,  "It was as if my skin had been in need of touloucouna oil , it was finally nourished!"  - Michelle C. 


Now is Your Time for Self-Care

Delieverd to your doorstep and at your fingertips.