Touloucouna Oil

Culture & Tradition

In accordance with local  tradition in Southern Senegal, Touloucouna tōō’lōō’kōō’nää) oilis cultivated exclusively by women. This time intensive process has been passed down from mother-to-daughter for generations.


Hidden Figures

Touloucouna oil  (Carapa Procera) is a precious oil that is apart of the noble heritage of West Africa for millenniums. Many other beauty oils have had their day in the sun, to be introduced to the global communtiy. We believe it is time for this gold standard beauty oil  to make its official debut.

Traditional Uses

Traditionally used in Senegal to treat chronic skin conditions like mild to moderate acne, acne rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, and chronic dry skin. It is also used for therapeutic massage and ingested by locals to treat illnesses like malaria. 


 The Science 

  • Touloucouna oil has proven epidermis restructuring properties. It promotes the production of collagen and elastin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • increases cellular turnover, and promotes lymphatic drainage for clear radiant skin and healthy scalp and hair.
  • Touloucouna oil is naturally balanced with nutrient rich fatty acids; omega 6, oleic acid, steric acid, glycerin, and polyphenols. 
  • Touloucouna oil is also a powerful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory