Hair Care

Healthy hair is thriving hair, get the nourishment you hair and scalp are thirsting for.  Curly, straight, wavy or textured hair you can achieve your hair goals with touloucouna oil.

Touloucouna oil is a multi-tasking miracle. Use touloucouna oil to detangle your locks, tame frizz, and add volume. If you want defined elongated curls that pop touloucouna oil is coming in clutch.

Or maybe its long lasting blowouts, with maximum shine, softness, and control you crave -- guess who's got you covered? 

Touloucouna oil is quick absorbing and acts as a filler to increase the diameter of hair strands. Promotes hair growth by increasing cellular turnover rate and increasing lymphatic drainage. 

Infuse & Elevate

  • Add 2-3 drops to your dollop of shampoo, when washing your make sure to concentrate shampoo on your scalp to encourage hair growth
  • Apply to scalp and massage to promote hair growth and get rid of dry scalp and dandruff
  • Add Touloucouna oil to Leave in Conditioner and any of your favorite hair care products to upgrade their performance
  • Apply to the ends of your hair to seal in moisture and prevent split ends


Now is Your Time for Self-Care

Delieverd to your doorstep and at your fingertips.