Your Best Hair Awaits

This African beauty secret is a secret no longer. If you suffer from hair loss, breakage, or slow hair growth you have come to the right place. When you hair is not all it can be, it can consume your thoughts, ruin special occasions, and keep you up at night worrying. 

Touloucouna oil gives your hair and scalp the needed nourishment to thrive and rebuild from root to tip.You will see new hair springing up around your hairline. Your hairline will be thicker and fuller, you will love your results. Touloucouna oil is traditionally used to treats conditions like ,dry scalp, alopecia, and dandruff.  

Whether your hair is coily, wavy, or straight Touloucouna oil will love it better. Common hair issues like thin or thining hair, frizz, overly snatched edges, undefined curls and tangles are no match for Touloucouna oil.

Touloucouna oil is quick absorbing and acts as a filler to increase the diameter of hair strands. Promotes hair growth by increasing cellular turnover rate and increasing lymphatic drainage for your scalp. 

Texturized, Curly, and Natural Hair

Your curls will be more defined, clumped together, and last longer. Touloucouna makes detangling a breeze and elongates and defines your curl pattern. Touloucouna oil will transform wash day!

Add Touloucouna oil to curling custard, moisturizer, detangling spritz, leave-in-conditioner, or all of the above.

Enjoy shiny, thick tangle-free thriving hair. Apply directly to scalp to see dandruff disappear.

 Infuse & Elevate

  • Add 2-3 drops to a dollop of shampoo, when washing your hair! make sure to concentrate shampoo on your scalp to encourage hair growth
  • Apply to scalp and massage to promote hair growth and get rid of dry scalp and dandruff
  • Add Touloucouna oil to Leave in Conditioner and any of your favorite hair care products to upgrade their performance
  • Apply to the ends of your hair to seal in moisture and prevent split ends
  • You are going to wonder where Touloucouna oil has been all your life!