Pain Relief , Soothe Muscle Aches

If you are an athlete , a gym fan, or someone who suffers from a chronic inflammatory condition like arthritis - Touloucouna oils anti-inflammatory properties have been relieving pain for literally millenniums.  Use Touloucouna Oil as a massage oil to relieve muscle aches and the discomfort of arthritis.


Reduce Cellulite 

Cellulite may be a sign of poor lymphatic function. This can result from genetic defects to the lymphatic system, injury, or conditions like lipedema. 

If you like the majority of the female population have cellulite increasing promoting lymphatic drainage is a huge game-changer. Touloucouna Oil promotes lymphatic drainage and greatly decreases the appearance of cellulite.

Use touloucouna oil alone to massage on the effected area.  Use along with other lymphatic drainage therapies like cupping and red light therapy, guasha, or a foam roller to increase lymphatic drainage , touloucouna oil will maximize your results. 


Treat Lipedema and Lymphedema 

If you suffer from Lipedema you may be looking for away to reduce pain and discomfort and reduce appearance of uneven skin-tone and dimpling of the skin. Lipedema is a little know illness that is also called painful fat disorder. It mainly effects the lower body, but can also present in the upper arms and lower abdomen. Which defers from Lymphedema is swelling that comes and goes with compression and dietary changes.

Touloucouna oil naturally promotes lymphatic drainage. As the lymphatic system does not have a pump  stimulation through massaging in touloucouna oil, and using touloucouna oil along with cupping and lymphatic massage will boost your results and bring calm to the inflamed areas effected by lipedema.