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Kasamance Touloucouna Healing & Beauty Oil

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Pure and Unrefined Touloucouna oil (carapa procera oil) will leave your skin glowing and supple. Touloucouna promotes collagen and elastin production and increases cellular turnover to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Touloucouna oil is expressed from the touloucouna nut. Rich in skin plumping fatty acids touloucouna has skin healing, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties backed by science.

Traditionally touloucouna oil is used to treat chronic skin conditions like acne, eczema, rosacea, dermatitis, and chronic dry skin.

Touloucouna oil has a woodsy scent and is bitter to the taste,  it solidifies under around 75 degrees or 25 degrees Celsius. 

Warning: If you have a nut allergy do not use


100% Pure Unrefined Virgin Touloucouna (Carapa Procera) oil.

How to use

Apply a 2-3 drops of touloucouna oil massage into skin

For dry skin use twice daily and for oily or combination skin use once daily. Enjoy glowing, beautiful, healthy skin.



  • Reviews

    "Touloucouna oil is truly liquid gold, I use it for my face, scalp, and cuticles. I will never be without my touloucouna oil --!"

    Courtney B.

  • Reviews

    "I've tried Kasamance body touloucouna butter and scrub. Its my favorite go-to moisturizer! The smell is intoxicating, the combo leaves my skin feeling soft and glowy. I can tell that over time my skin has more moisture to it as well! I will definitely be stocking up!"

  • Reviews

    "I really enjoy touloucouna oil , stay tuned this is a nice product -- makes my skin look dewy, healthy, and soft"

    Michelle C.

  • Reviews

    "..Touloucouna oil is absolutely amazing for all skin types, Its super moisturizing and doesnt leave oily residue after use. I recommend it!"

    -Nur S.

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